Student Loan Forgiveness takes America down  a slippery slope.

Apparently somewhere inside the walls of our illustrious government, there are an extra 100 billion dollars laying around as someone wants to pay off some of the student debt overhang plaguing most college graduates and many who did not make it all the way. shenanigans meme - Google Search-2016-07-20 18_36_20 First, I presume that most of the students who ran up this debt had a great time attending college and partying off of their free checking accounts.  Now that they have either realized that a college education doesn’t really help unless you were prior to trained in some work ethic, or just given up hope, who will repay the 1 plus trillion dollars owed the American people whose legislators used to purchase votes?
The legislators who passed the laws authorizing this massive waste of capital should be held accountable for their failed policy and ordered held in jail until they make restitution to the American people.  Sound crazy?  Maybe but let you or I go out and steal from one person and give it to another and see how long it takes before John Law is hauling you off to jail until you pay restitution.
Of course, the lawyers get paid which compounds the mess so why not our elected officials?  I didn’t agree to help pay for a bunch of kids to get to the party and otherwise waste our money so guess what Mr. politician, I am not going to bail you out.  If the US government wants to pay down or pay off certain student debt, they had better be taking the money from their families stock and bond funds and not from mine.
If you have a desire to play an important part in restoring liberty and prosperity to ALL Texans, and ALL Americans, Join Us! Let’s abolish the income tax and “Make America the Greatest It’s even been .
I want to get rid of the IRS

Nos Biggs
Nos Biggs

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