Demand a Halt Bureau of Land Management Abuse.

BLM what are they doing?
Feds own alot of our land.
We are  aware of the dangerous precedents that have been “arranged” by certain actors operating as key political appointees of critical infrastructure oversight agencies and the disastrous outcomes when Americans are killed protecting their land and rights.
We all feel horrible for the disrupted lives of these families.  We are deprived of continued association with our neighbors who become victims of corrupt USGov bureaucrats.
Lets remember that Harry Reid’s son leads a solar deal that desires certain land holdings in Nevada.  Therefore :
Harry Reid is a corrupt politician whose self dealing has resulted in deaths.  Accordingly Harry Reid should be indicted for profiteering and using his political power for profit. However we should also be careful and not protect our natural assets from unscrupulous operators who would rape our lands for profit.
Hillary Clinton cut a deal with a Russian company to steal property in the US Northwest resulting in law enforcement officers being forced to take the life of a citizen protecting his livelihood.
 Both “Slick Hillary” and “Dirty Harry” are bad actors who used their public office and our BLM for profit but we must preserve our lands for all Americans so lets not attack the BLM.


 Prosecute politicians who use their influence to profit or to create situations to create discord with legitimate lease holders who are just exercising their livelihood.
Throwing out the “baby with the bath water” is not productive. Accordingly while certain personalities inside the BLM become pawns of political interests, our  focus  should be on impeaching crooked politicians like Harry Reid and indicting Hillary Clinton for running  “fees for favors” criminal enterprises.

Nos Biggs
Nos Biggs

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