Texas Business Consultant Announces His 2018 Candidacy for U.S. Senate

Bob McNeil, a business consultant to some of the world’s largest energy companies, has announced his 2018 candidacy for U.S. Senator from Texas [www.Bob-McNeil-For-Senate.vote]. McNeil plans to run under the banner of the American Citizen Party [www.AmericanCitizenParty.us], which he founded in 2009. “My primary mission is to work on behalf of ALL Texans, and ALL Americans, to abolish both the corporate and individual income taxes, and fund a 50% smaller Federal government using the original taxing methods, “Indirect” and “Direct” taxes, written into the U.S. Constitution by the Founders in 1787 and still alive and well today. After all, these methods funded the government for the first 125 years of America’s existence.”, says McNeil.

No stranger to politics, McNeil was a write-in candidate for President of the United States in 2008 and an FEC-registered American Citizen Party presidential candidate in 2016. “When the Republicans lost the House of Representatives to the Democrats in the 2006 election, and Nancy Pelosi became Speaker of the House in 2007, I knew then that, as a Constitutional Conservative, the Republican Party no longer represented me. When the Tea Party emerged in 2009, I had high hopes that the members they elected would bring about the profound change our country needed, but, the fatal flaw I observed was this: they were still Republicans, bound to the Party, and forced to battle the Establishment from within”, McNeil laments.

He describes his fully vetted plan, as follows: “My first act as the American Citizen Party Senator will be to schedule a meeting with President Trump and hand him a copy of the two-page document I wrote in 2008 entitled the ‘Proclamation of Freedom’. By signing this powerful, revolutionary document, the President will exercise his Article II, Section 2 power to pardon EVERY American citizen and business from ever filing a tax return or paying income taxes again. The Proclamation also pardons and releases every person currently in prison for tax evasion, failure to file a return, and every other income tax related crime. This single act will immediately inject approximately $2 Trillion in existing capital into the economy from the bottom up, creating the greatest economic boom in world history. In addition, 320 million individuals, and millions of businesses will be free from the tyranny of the IRS and free from the costs, in time and money, of complying with the complex, confiscatory progressive income tax code. As intended by the Founders, and proven throughout our history, the pardon is an exclusive Presidential power and cannot be reversed or repealed by Congress or the Supreme Court.”

McNeil continues with his vision for a free and prosperous America, “My next act will be to introduce the six-page ‘Economic Freedom Act’ in the Senate. This legislation, also written in 2008, repeals the income tax, capital gains tax, estate tax, gift tax and other freedom-stealing laws, and restores to ALL American citizens a level of liberty and prosperity not experienced in this country for more than 100 years. It also calls for Congress to repeal the 16th Amendment to the Constitution, which spawned the income tax. But, one may ask, how will Congress be persuaded to pass the Economic Freedom Act? Here is the answer: By signing the Proclamation of Freedom, TRILLIONS of tax dollars will immediately stop flowing into the U.S. treasury, which puts the President in a very strong position to negotiate its passage. But, he is going to need our help. Every moment Congress delays will mean a flood of phone calls, letters, emails and visits to their offices by angry Americans demanding they pass the bill. And, we’ll take the names of those Representatives and Senators who resist and vote them out of office in the next election. So, in one fell swoop, a peaceful, fully constitutional revolution restores our precious Nation to its founding principles of individual liberty and limited government.”

“I have but one desire.” says McNeil, “And, that is to serve the people of Texas, and the citizens in every other state, by restoring liberty to them, their children, and future generations of Americans. I pray the American people will support my candidacy for U.S. Senator from Texas.”

To support Bob’s campaign with your time and monetary contributions, visit his website: Friends of Bob McNeil

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Nos Biggs

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